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Books, teaching materials and furniture for the library

Books, teaching materials and furniture for the library

In partnership with Room to Read, NEST has supported 141 schools from 32 Village Development Committees and Hetauda Municipality of Makawanpur district since 2006. As an implementing partner of Room to Read’s reading programme, NEST has been running capacity building workshops for the librarians, head teachers and teachers. Schools have received books, teaching materials and furniture for the libraries. In 2011, NEST will focus on the sustainability of the libraries as the project will phase out by the end of this year.

NEST works in collaboration with the District Education Office Makawanpur and presently NEST is representing as a secretary general of Educational organisations networking forum, NGO federation Regional committee adviser and other stakeholders of the schools, for example, School Management Committees, Parent Teacher Associations, students and Resource Persons.


NEST celebrated international literacy and national education day 2011

NEST organised different programmes to celebrate  this year’s international literacy  and national education day at different parts of Makawanpur district.


 Poetry  and Open Quiz Contest (Hetauda Resource Centre Level)

To mark international literacy and national education day, NEST organised Inter resource centre level poetry contest  and open quiz contest were  organised at  Bhutandevi Higher Secondary School,Hetauda on 7 September 2011.  The  program was  chaired by  Mr. Ganesh Kumar Shrestha, Executive Direct of NEST.  Mr. Yadhav Gajureal , School Superviser of  the District Education Office, Makawanpur was the chief guest of the programme .

Anjana Bhattarai, the first prize winner reciting her poem

Anjana Bhattarai, the first prize winner reciting her poem

Thirteen students from different schools took part in the contest.  Ms.   Anjana Bhattarai of  Banshagopal Higher Secondary School,  Aashim Neupani of  Baljyoti Secondary School, Hetauda-4 and  Asmita Praja, Bhutandevi Higher Secondary School Hetauda , won the first, second and third prize  respectively.

 Mr.  Shrestha  distributed the prizes and certificates to the winners and participants.

After the poetry contest, students took part in the  open quiz contest.   Forty two different prizes were given to the  winners  in the quiz contest.

Local journalists, teachers and students from different schools were present in the programme.

The programme was financially supported by Room to Read .





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